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Building an Enclosure.

I bought a nice big aviary on the weekend (3m*2m*1.8m) to house my ferrets outside. I plan on locating it between my house and my driveway (with access to inside via a window). The house and driveway will prevent them from digging out in those two directions, the two ends however I need to put some concrete down in order to stop them getting out, how deep should I make this? How far can the little guys dig in the space of a day?

My temptation is to go down 600mm which will also give me a good footing (So I can dynabolt the cage to the ground).

Also any idea for play things within this space? I plan on finding some old bookshelves etc to give the places to climb, I'll have to be careful about fall distances though! I also have a heap of 100mm pvc which i will make some mazes with.
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 Mon 05 Sep 05


Wow that sounds really really cool! I'd love to be able to do something like that, though living in a rental property makes it difficult...

I found this on a site - http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1216/is_n2_v183/ai_7798401
"Foundation. Use concrete blocks, footings, or posts, or lay a concrete slab. If burrowing rodents are a problem, set a sheet-metal or wire-mesh barrier 18 to 24 inches deep around the foundation. Floor. A concrete slab is easiest to clean (make sure it drains)."

I know that this is for an aviary for birds, but it still has some good ideas! :) I don't think that the thickness of the concrete would matter too much, it would be more the consistency of it (not too sandy or easily dug up or cracked). We had a shed put in our backyard, and the concrete they put down for that wasn't all that thick(400mm), but it was strong/firm & has held the shed on the ground very well, using dynabolts too.

Sorry if this is something you already know, I only mean the best for your fuzzes... if it's a galvanised aviary, be sure to get a scrubbing brush and some soapy water & give it a good scrub to get the excess gal off the wire, then a rinse down with fresh water. Gal is pretty toxic & some animals/birds find they like the taste of gal wire. :)

I don't know what your budget is, but you could maybe make some different leveled ramps & hidy holes using wood. Enclosed on all sides so they couldn't jump out of course... or use the PVC tubing as ramps & then put all different level nesting boxes around the aviary? I'd love to do something like this, it'd be so much fun!

Take care, let us know what you end up doing! :D

Tue 06 Sep 05

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