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Hi everyone,

Is nutripet anything like the 'ferretone' that is available in the US?

What are the contents of nutripet, and how much (or little) can you give to a ferret safely?

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 Wed 02 Nov 05

hi Kat,

Nutripet is similar to ferretone in that they are both vitamin supplements, however ferretone has a fatty acid base, whereas Nutripet is a thick black gel which smells like caramel.

We don't know what the ingredients/nutritional breakdown of Nutripet are, but I am working on finding out that info, so I will add it the shop description when I know.

As far as I know Nutripet has not been tested on ferrets, so 'safe' levels are not known. I would recommend to use it sparingly to avoid excessive kilojoule consumption, and vitamin overdose.

Thu 10 Nov 05

Cool, thanks Shona! It'll be interesting to see what you track down! :)

Fri 11 Nov 05

If u go 2 the Weasel Wares link and click on treats they have a breakdown on the contents of nutripet :) Max   max
Fri 20 Jan 06

We managed to get some nutritional information about Nutripet, which is listed on the shop description as Max mentioned.

There will also be an article about it in the next newsletter

Thu 26 Jan 06

Hey guys,
Thought I might add my 2 cents worth in here. I have been giving my boy (now boys) nutripet his whole life. About a 2-4cm blotch every night, dissolved into pets own puppy milk. They like it a lot and Rapheas - see attached photo is very healthy and happy. So there must be something good about it. I have a friend in Sydney who feeds it more frequently to her ferrets and they are healthy too. The NSWFWS certainly recommends its use, so I think no-one has had probs with ill effects.
Hope this helps.
Might try to get a pic of the boys drinking & post it later. :)
Mon 30 Jan 06

Awww... look at that little furry face...! Soooo cute!

Thanks for the responses, Max, Shona and Saskia!
Mon 30 Jan 06

Cute I know... Shame about me on the pic.
See you at the garage sale on Sat???
Wed 01 Feb 06

I missed it! >:( I'm really annoyed with myself. Sorry to have missed it, and you and Max!!! I was messing around with stuff at home, I have so much stuff that needs fixing. I wanted to go to see if I could pick anything up for my new place too... :'(   k
Mon 06 Feb 06

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