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We are going away on holidays from Dec. 12th until Dec. 17th and URGENTLY need RELIABLE Ferret Friendly pet-sitters for our five ferrets. I understand 5 is a large no. so am willing to split them to two different sitters, 3 with one family and 2 with another. Will pay right people and provide everything needed ie: meat, crunchies, ferret milk, toys etc. I am just too worried to leave them in their cage in the Dec heat. If anyone is interested please call Bel or Wayne on 02 62598765 or 0418460783 or email: belindad@aapt.net.au
Thanks Bel
5 responses          Belle & Wayne
 Thu 10 Nov 05

I will help out if you want, I have a large outdoor cage (1.8 metres * 3.0 metres) which has plenty of undeground tunnels to keep them cool in summer (even on 30+ degree days the tunnels stay below 20 degrees and the ferrets know it!)

There should be plenty of room for all the ferrets providing they all get along well. If not I have another indoor cage which I could use!
Mon 14 Nov 05

Thanks so much Squid !!!!From talking to you on Tuesday night it sounds like you have a great set up & I would be so happy not to split them up. So I will txt you so we can meet up and see how your fuzzies get along with our fuzzies sometime on the weekend of the 26th/27th Nov.
Thanks Again,
Wayne & Belle
  Belle & Wayne
Tue 15 Nov 05

Dear Squid, Sorry wasn't able to catch up with you last weekend, like I said we would, could you please post your phone number again, or give me a ring (62598765/0148460783) so we can organise another time. Sorry lost your mobile number.
Kind Regards Belinda & Wayne
  Belle & Wayne
Tue 29 Nov 05

Belle - Im in Melbourne at the moment and my phone is dead flat! But if you want to give me a call tonight that is fine. 0410570678   Squid
Mon 05 Dec 05

Belle, Sorry I had to duck out and missed you, but I really really need that part for my car!!

I hope all is well, I enjoyed having your mob as well, as I am sure my three did!
Tue 20 Dec 05

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