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ferret sitters requested

Hi Max here, i hope to go away July 2-5 or 7th. Is anybody willing to ferret sit Karma & Dakini at your house. I would only trust FSoC members to do this, its not that they are naughty girls, its 'cause i have never been away b4. They would need space indoors for their cage,food & potty mix.Both are desexed.
3 responses          max
 Thu 01 Jun 06

Saskia, thxs so much for ferretsitting my girls.I will b away July 2-8. I would like them to come for a visit b4 then if possible.It's my exam time @ the moment - which day is best 4 u between June 19-25th?   max
Tue 13 Jun 06

Hi Gaby, Edgar & Mika over here, we hope to go away from Friday Sep 1st to Wednesday Sep 6th. Is anybody willing to ferret sit Mika at your house. same as Max, we would only trust FSoC members to do this, this is because Mika is not used to having ferrets around (ups..she fights all the time) so I'll take her cage and and food. She might have to stay at her cage for this period :(
  gaby, edgar & Mika
Wed 30 Aug 06

Hi GEM, pity i didnt check this site sooner because i would have loved to ferretsit Mika,hope it all went well.   max
Thu 28 Sep 06

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