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New Ferret Box.

I got guilty letting my little guys sleep out in the cold (I know they can handle it, but I am soft, and they are getting tubby) so I have been invesitgating ways to keep them warm.

Any way I just went down to Dick Smith and they have these portable cooler/warmer esky things. I found one which is ferret safe, if I screw it into the side of the cage so that they cant get at the cord!! It runs off mains power and I bought a 24Hr timer for it!

The best thing is it also cools in summer, it is rated to go 25 degreed either way of room temp (so when 35 outside, it can get the little ones down to 10 geg in theory!) depending on if it is set to heat or cool.

Now I just need to modify the lid so that there is a ferret flap on it, which will allow the little buggers to get in and out, but not let to much heat transfer!

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 Tue 27 Jun 06

Wow, that's a really super nifty idea there Squid!!! I have used a reptile heater for some smaller mammal pets, but that has to be stuck to the outside of the bottom of the cage for it to work...

This one that you have is a great, because it can be kept dark, like a good sleeping box should!! Wonderful idea & thanks for letting us know about it!
Fri 30 Jun 06

Hi, i know its not quite the same my girls have only ever lived inside. When winter comes away goes the dble hammock and out come the pigeon boxes. They came from a Belc Pet store in Oatley crt. The hole is only big enough for little kits or slight older females.Inside are baby cot sized polar fleece blankeys. The lid allows u access. Sometimes they squeeze in one together until one is unhappy.Its dark and warm   max
Fri 30 Jun 06

Those bird boxes rock! they're the best & a really cheap & easy idea too... I've made my own nesting boxes for mammals as well, it's not that hard if you're handy with hammer, nails & wood.

Max, if you're ever up for another nesting box, we can go wood shopping together so that you can buy the right sized pieces & I can make boxes to fit your cages...? Just a thought... :D If you're ever interested!!!
Tue 04 Jul 06

thxs purrsikat u r sweet   max
Sun 30 Jul 06

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