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Low protein diet

My Karma was diagnosed with renal failure and may only b around for a few more months :( The vet suggested a low protein diet.She eats Iams chicken flavour. Any suggestions would b appreciated
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 Fri 30 Jun 06

Oh no... sorry to hear that... :(

I don't know how you would provide her with a low protein diet without restricting her nutritional intake, considering that ferrets (& cats) can't really process anything that isn't animal based...

Did the vet say anything about reducing salt/sodium intake as well? Or is low protein the only option..?
Wed 12 Jul 06

Thxs 4 your sympathy,i call her my first born ferret.She is still eating,drinking (loads)& pooping. Her personality seems changed,she just wants cuddles all the time.She is so skinny its heartbreaking. Dakini is even being nice 2 her!No the Vet didnt say anything about salt.   max
Sun 30 Jul 06

hi Max,

I know we spoke the other day, sorry to hear your girl isn't doing well. If I can help with anything, please let me know.

Just a few notes about renal failture to any other owners reading this thread:

* A low protein diet is no longer the recommendation for animals with renal failure - any vets which are still recommending low protein need to catch up on the latest info.

* Also, biscuits don't keep a ferret's mouth clean - the result being periodontal disease (chronic mouth infection), which often leads to renal failure. (Google "effects of periodontal disease for more info") Good oral health is paramount for good body health!

Fri 13 Oct 06

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