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Just wanted to say Hi :)

Hi there
I am Boo and i would like to introduce Me and my family,

I am Boo and i am a 2 yo sable gal, I Love to dook and dance around. I am sooo spoiled and im Mummys little princess:)She loves to have cuddles with me im even more spoiled than my HUman sista and brothers hehehe

My Ferrent Mummy Tarin who is a 30 yo mum to 4 human brothers and sista. she works at a local nursing home as a Activities officer so i gets to go some times when mummy is working a short shift :). She is also studying to become a a Enrolled nurse.

then there is my Ferrent Daddy who is a Public servant. I love to play ruff with him. I attack his toes hehehehe he squeals when i do that and it makes me want to do it more:D.

then there are my 4 Human brothers and sissy
Kalinda who is my big sis she is 10 and loves to play with me.

Kevan who is 7 he is in to planes and cars and when hes laying on the floor i love to attack his feet

then there is my twin brothers Joshy and Tommy. Josh loves to play ruff with me but he never hurts me
and Tommy who likes to carry me around like a hand bag LOL tommy loves to have cuddles with me he is sooooo gentle

well thats about me and my family. my mummy says that we are gonna come out and meet some other ferrets and ferrents and she is really excited about that :D im really lookig foward to playing with other kids like me

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 Thu 01 Feb 07

Howdy Boo, Tarin et al,

Will definitely see you when meets start up again and then Woozle, Noodles and Studdidoo can meet you. Glad you have obviously finally got your membership # etc to the FSC.

Cheers Thérèse and co
Fri 02 Feb 07

Hey Boo,
Nice to meet you. We're Rapheas and Harvey. We are the only ones who belong to our Mum, but are forced to live with other fuzzies as well. There is Stumpette who is a disabled little girl, blackjack who constantly tells me "i'm the boss" and right now little BeBee who apparently has a broken back - but I don't care I want to play with her! I'm sort and chubby, my borther Harvey is tall and skinny - everyone loves him. And they say there is no discrimination against fat ferrets. Where is Amnesty International for us furries. Anyway gotta go. Mum seems to want the computer to write a job application. I like it when she's at home though :)
Mon 12 Feb 07

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