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Feeding with barf

We have finally managed to get our furballs on barf, or as close to it that we could. Meaning that they are now happily eating raw meat with bones and bonemarrow, mostly it's chicken and lamb and the spinal are the most popular part of it.

Now all of our beloved bandits seem to be much happier and their coat is far beter than it was before.

Our grand old lady, the one in the picture, here at home used to only sleep, eat and shit during the days... but since we started with barf she's much more active, she even play around with the kits :)

It's so fun to see such a wonderful result on the animals by just changing their diet, it's too bad not many people here in Sweden have a possibility (or will) to let their ferrets eat like this.

A mighty big thanks to Shona for helping us with tips about feeding with barf, the furballs are also sending their thanks :)


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 Tue 16 Oct 07

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