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BARF ( liver )


In September I start giving my ferrets BARF. The changes have been successful except for one thing, they donít want to eat the liver. I have begin wonder if itís something in their nature instinct that stop them, or if itís just that they find the meat more interesting?

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all of you and your ferrets!
From Ammi at Gotland. A wonderful island in the Baltic See
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 Thu 20 Dec 07

Hi liver is great for them but some ferrets just find it too rich.. A bit like having endless supply of your favourite food.. Or our annalogy is you can only eat so many Mars bars before you puke and can't stand to look at anything chocolate...
In a wild enviroment the liver would actually be one of the first things they'd eat as it is very high in nutrient and minerals but would be balanced out with bugs and mice and stuff.. Check the level of preservatives in the liver, mine wont eat anything that has much preserves in it
Tue 18 Mar 08

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