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EVO Ferret Food

Has anyone heard of EVO Ferret Food? I saw it in the pet shop in Civic a couple of weeks ago. It has 50.5% protein and 22.2% fat and claims to be equivalent to a raw diet - but I was wondering what other people thought of it? I found a website for it: http://www.evopet.com/products/default.asp?panel=na&id=1502
if you want to check it out.
1 responses          susan & daniel
 Tue 29 Apr 08

EVO is better with ingredients than most brands of biscuits, but unfortunately still has the same problems that all processed foods (biscuits/canned) share.

- inappropriate ingredients: carbohydrates, sugars, plant based ingredients, preservatives, colourants, etc (less in EVO than other brands but many of them are still there)

- wrong form/texture: ground up, cooked & dried out. Ferret's digestive systems are designed for fresh whole food.

- lack of teeth/gum cleaning: same problem that all biscuits, canned, mince & small pieces of meat share. Lack of daily teeth & gum cleaning leads to dental disease

Check out http://ferretclub.org.au/showcontent.toy?senid=10302&contentnid=82136

The claims they make about being equivalent to a "raw diet" (whatever that means? raw carrots?) are advertising hype and mean nothing.

The company has put a little effort into reducing the harmful ingredients and including healthy ones, but still falls short of what ferrets need.
Mon 18 Aug 08

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