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Large cage.

I would like to borrow/buy a large cage so I can take my boys on holiday with us. Can happily exercise them on their leads but need something roomy for them during the night etc.
The cage needs to be able to fit in the back of a Kia van. Hope someone can help me out.
2 responses          Ghislaine and Rod.
 Mon 22 Dec 08

if I had more notice I would have offered to help build you something but I'm away until n.y.e. good luck in your search   stuart
Mon 22 Dec 08

Hi Stuart,
Thanks for the offer....I am sure my ever so talented hubby with the help of his even more talented wife could come up with something, we just aren't sure how to go about it....lol.
Anyway, if we do manage to get something made, I shall send you a pic of our oh so wonderful result.
  Ghislaine and Rod.
Fri 26 Dec 08

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