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Adrenal Disease - Suprelorin

Hi everyone - I just wanted to share our experience with using the suprelorin transplant to treat Adrenal Disease. Our 6 year old ferret Poppy got Adrenal Disease early in the year. Due to her age and because she's a very small Jill the vet suggested that surgery wasn't an option for her. We therefore opted to try the suprelorin implant. It was a very quick procedure - she didn't even really have to be anaesthetised. It took a few weeks to start seeing any effects. First she started scratching a bit less (previously she was scratching so vigorously she had scratches all over her body), then some of the fur around her sholders grew back. The itchiness was completely gone after about a month but she was still quite tired and had the bloated tummy. Now after about two months she is basically back to her normal self and is starting to grow the fur back on her back. So while it takes a bit longer than what it sounds like the operation does, it does work!
Cheers, Susan
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 Wed 14 Apr 10

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