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Taking a ferret overseas

We have this huge question for everyone....is it difficult to take a ferret overseas? In 2.5 years, we will have to go back to Mexico through LAX airport, and I know that Ferrets are illegal in California. Any previous experience? Iíve got this answer from:

Joyce Twarog
APHIS Office Manager (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service US)
US Embassy Canberra AU

"Dear Mr. Montalvo,
Thank you for your inquiry on taking a pet Ferret via the USA to Mexico. I am unaware of Mexico's requirements when taking a Ferret into their country. You will have to contact their Embassy here in Canberra.

As for the USA, USDA requires that all animals are accompanied with a health certificate. If the animal arrives healthy he is released. We also suggest you don't use straw, hay, or grass for bedding for they may harbor various plant pests.

I would recommend that you contact the Australian Government Vet in your state to find out the procedures you need to follow for an Export Certificate.

If this office may provide further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us"

Any idea?

Gaby, Edgar & Mika

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 Tue 14 Dec 04

hi Gaby & Edgar,

A friend of mine is visiting the USA in April next year, and she was planning on taking a ferret with her, to be given to a friend over there.

Apparently the airlines want to charge $1,000 cargo costs, per ferret!

I will ask her if she knows anything more about the import requirements, etc.

I will also ask the CAL ferret rescue if there are any issues with flying through LAX.


Tue 21 Dec 04

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