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(08) Next meeting / playday - early 2008

Our next meeting / playday will be held in early 2008.
4 responses          shona
 Sat 01 Sep 07

Oh no, the pre xmas meet has disappeared into the new year.

Not really complaining though as I appreciate these things can be hard to organise and I do appreciate all the things you guys do do.
Fri 30 Nov 07

Dakini and i are hanging out just waiting and counting the "dooks" until next meet :)   max
Tue 22 Jan 08

My guys are too, especially my adventure boy Noodles.

Studdidoo, my home boy, says he can wait.

And Woozle is too busy being a whirlwind to submit an opinion.
Thu 24 Jan 08

I'm pondering the idea to have a northside ferret playdate in the park at the end of my street. Blair Street, Watson anyone intrested? email me:max and Kailash Dakini
Fri 22 Feb 08

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