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(081130) Garden Playday - Sunday 30 November 2008

When? from 4pm, Sunday 30 November 2008
Where? Shona's place - 3 Hoddinott St, Wanniassa

Come and see the ferret-proof front yard (bring your ferrets).

Snacks and drinks will be available. Bring a plate to share if you wish.

We will also be watching some highlights from the 2008 Ferret Symposium held earlier this year in Melbourne - for those who couldnt make it to the Symposium, there were some fantastic talks by the world's leading ferret knowledgeable people.
4 responses          shona
 Fri 24 Oct 08

NOT amused. Got my newsletter today and this event is listed as 30 Nov. come on here and it is also now listed as 30 Nov. Have already put in for the 29th (&28th so I wouldn't be tired) off so that I could attend. Cannot now take the 30th off. so now I have the 29th (&28th) off for no reason and I have to miss this.   Thérèse
Fri 07 Nov 08

hey Thérèse

Did we have it listed as 29th before? (sorry bit confused as I thought we hadnt announced a date until this one was released (30th))

:) shona
Sat 15 Nov 08

Yeah, coz I had 3 Sat's in a row with things on, (this being the middle one) when I put in the days I wanted off a while back.

These things happen I guess, if they put up a notice for overtime on the 28th, I will see if they will swap the 28th for the 30th for me but otherwise I guess I just have a Sat to amuse myself!
Mon 17 Nov 08

Gave Dave in Scheduling a call and he has very nicely swapped my Sunday shift to Friday, so now I can go, woohoo, see you all on Sunday!   Thérèse
Wed 26 Nov 08

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