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Coming shop

I think it's great that we will be able to source ferret stuff locally. I check both the NSWFWS & WAFFS shops, but as I'm not a WAFFS member & you have to be, it's look but don't touch. Hopefully we will be able to get stuff they have that I can't find elsewhere, mostly the toys they have.

Also if you could find a good harness, size can be preset & the lead is not just to the ground (it has roaming room) & it's light & thin that would be super great.

Keep up all your hard work!
1 responses          Thérèse
 Fri 02 Sep 05

We will be getting some figure-8 harnesses in (I have found these to be the most secure ones around!), which do have a small lead attached.

We will definitely be looking at getting some toys in. If there are any other suggestions on items that members would be interested in, let us know :)

Wed 07 Sep 05

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