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current publicity efforts, and any ideas on future events or ways to increase our public awareness
8 responses          shona
 Tue 13 May 03

Publicity is big on our priority list over the next couple of months.

We now have a listing in the ACT Whitepages.

Once we get current memberships and the newsletter up to date, we would love volunteers to put up flyers at their local shops / schools.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to share!

:) shona
Wed 01 Oct 03

Hi, I don't know if there is much that I can do - hence I didn't reply earlier. But since there have been so many other replies, I thought I should throw my hat in the ring.

I could stick notices on public notice boards at shopping centres... Maybe give flyiers to pet shops... Any suggestions?
Wed 15 Oct 03

hi Leon,

Thanks for the offer, that would be great :)

I will be in contact as soon as we have the flyers sorted.

Wed 15 Oct 03

We have made up a flyer for the meeting on 16th December.

If anyone can stick some up at their local vet / shops / schools, please email me at webmaster@ferretclub.org.au.

I will send you an electronic copy (.doc) or some photocopies in the mail (whatever you prefer)

FSOC committee
Fri 14 Nov 03

You can also advertise events free of charge in the Fridge Door section of the Canberra Times. Send entries to fridgedoor@canberratimes.com.au at least four working days before you want the entry to run.

Mon 24 Nov 03

hi Julia,

Thanks for those details, I'll do that ASAP

FSOC Committee
Tue 25 Nov 03


I would like to suggest a hard copy of basic ferret needs etc that we could give to pet shops and vets in the event they are asked about the care of these unique little fuzz balls. As we all know there is quite a misconception out there about the needs and responsibilities of owning ferrets. I would be more than happy to help out with this one as well as the fliers.

Mon 22 Aug 05

Even if hard copies of flyers prove hard to distribute & keep stock of letting vets/petshops know the web address allows those with computer access to look up about ferrets & also to reference other sights like the NSWFWS one which we give addresses for.   Thérèse
Fri 26 Aug 05

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