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Ferret Meetings?

4 responses          peter & alix
 Tue 13 May 03

Hi - was wondering the same thing. When/where etc. What happened? Did the numbers drop off?   Leon
Tue 23 Sep 03

hi all,

The club is currently "under re-construction". Our #1 priorities are getting the (regular) newsletter up and going, and of course, ferret meetings!

We are hoping to have a meet-up towards the end of the year. If anyone can help with organising, publicity, etc. please email me.

FSOC Committee
Wed 01 Oct 03

hi all Max here requesting a lift from Watson to Belco playdate this Sat   max
Tue 28 Mar 06

Max, I can give you a lift again. I'll call you on Thursday or Friday to organise the times etc..   k
Wed 29 Mar 06

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