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That's Life Community Groups Cash

I don't know how many of you out there are That's Life readers but they are currently running a promotion for Community Groups.

Basically you collect tokens from the mag and send them in and your community group may receive some cash to help it....there are 2 ways to enter....

The first you collect 15 tokens and send them in with the completed coupon and then readers vote for their favourite groups and the groups with the most votes get some cash...

The second way is the goups that collect the most tokens and send them in with the completed coupon get some cash...

Forget which entry is which but one is giving away $1000 x 25 groups and one $2500 x 10 groups.

I thought this may be a good fund raiser for the FSC and a chance to maybe get some positive publicity for ferrets. What does everyone think?

I know a couple of others besides myself who read That's Life and who would give me their coupons if I asked.

Entries close on Nov 17. There should be a meeting before then so if everyone collected coupons and bought them along we could see if we could enter either or both sections.
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 Sun 08 Oct 06

Thanks to everyone who gave/mailed me community cash coupons, I have now sent off both entries.

The first one (sent some time ago) which required 15 coupons, was filled in with "The FSC is for the health & happinees of ferrets & for the support & enjoyment of owners. Funds would help with the care of rescued ferrets and the costs of holding meets. Visit www.ferretclub.org.au for more info." as the Why your group should win section.

The second one (sent today)had "Ferret Society of Canberra FOR the health & happiness of FERRETS, FOR the support & enjoyment of OWNERS. For more info: www.ferretclub.org.au" as the name and purpose of community group. 54 coupons were collected for this entry and sent.

Thanks again to everyone who helped, hopefully we will at least get a mention in That's Life to help raise awareness of ferrets.
Tue 10 Apr 07

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