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What do you want to see at meetings?

We're after some feedack from members about what you would like to see at club meetings.

Guest speakers? Games for the ferrets? Quizzes? Educational presentations?

This is your club, so let us know what you're interested in doing!

9 responses          shona
 Wed 27 Aug 08

Personally I like games for the ferrets, even though my guys never get the games and lookk like their retarded with how little they seem to understand what is required, but it's still fun!   Thérèse
Sat 30 Aug 08

Information days for newbies to learn to care for ferrets properly... there is lots of info out there good and bad, it would be nice to have a couple of events dedicated to newbies. Just to help sort out the things you read and hear.   stuart
Wed 10 Sep 08

Great idea Stuart. Lets do something like that - esp for people like you who are completely new to it all. Shona - do you think you could give me details of everyone on the adoption/interested list - maybe we could advertise on the community switch thingy + prime - that we will hold a ferret information and socialisation evening. Venue ideas anyone?   saskia
Wed 17 Sep 08

Bring back Tom Lonsdale!   saskia
Wed 17 Sep 08

Yep we should introduce people to Hannah, Vlad, Eddie, Murphy, and Snowy so they can fall in love... And then Speedy, Buddah, Penny, and others can do some hit and runs LOL... Muwahahaha (evil Laugh!!)they'll never see it coming...   stuart
Fri 10 Oct 08

I think Leanne's Jules is the Queen of the surprise.

Leanne brings her to things like the Pet Expo but doesn't hand her to anyone to hold. She is small and beautiful and innocent looking and she is a little she devil!
Sat 11 Oct 08

Nice... Well at least we'll think its funny!!!   stuart
Sun 12 Oct 08

Saskia, Has Shona gotten back to you yet about this? Is there any progress?   stuart
Sun 12 Oct 08

Nope nothing - we've all been so FREAKIN' stressed though with Penny!   saskia
Mon 13 Oct 08

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