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The cruelty case against Adriano Larobina and Thomas Sorahan was heard yesterday. Both were convicted as guilty on the charge of aggrevated animal cruelty. Thank you to everyone who supported this case and each other, especially Andrew (the owner of the ferrets) for going through with this, Shona, Leanne May, Stuart Butterworth & Therese Dunn. I am really proud of all of you. Facing this really hasn't been easy but you put yourselves out there for what is right. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
3 responses          saskia
 Wed 17 Sep 08

I will certainly feel better when they are sentenced. I want a very serious sentence to be handed down. I f I don't hear imprisonment, I will be very upset.

For those not in the know, the sentencing will be on Oct 27th.
Wed 01 Oct 08

Yes Please make the effort to be seen at the court on the 27th...   stuart
Fri 10 Oct 08

ok kids in case your head was in the sand the outcome of sentencing was:

10 months imprisonment for both with a 5 month non parole period

Of course, they are appealing. so we will see what happens. For now, a good outcome. Thank you all for your support!
Wed 29 Oct 08

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