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(060909) Canberra Pet Xpo: 9-10 September 2006

We will be attending the Pet Xpo, so come along and visit our stand!

10-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 & 10 September

Exhibition Park, Mitchell

3 responses          shona
 Wed 30 Aug 06

Howdy Shona...got distracted and forgot to say am happy to help out at Pet Expo but will have to check my roster for that week to see when is best (shift worker). My 3 guys, Studdidoo, Noodles and Woozle are all gentle and used to being petted by many strange people from going on things like the million paws walk. Will check my roster when I am back at work on Fri night, then let you know.

Cheers Thérèse
Thu 31 Aug 06

Shona, if you need help , we can be there as well to support.   gaby, edgar & Mika
Thu 31 Aug 06

Have checked roster and have the entire weekend off, so if you want help, just pick the day you need it most and that is the day I will do, prefer not an early start cos even though I have the whole weekend off being a nightshift person 9am is not a time I do well! Let me know   Thérèse
Sat 02 Sep 06

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