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(061029) Playday in the Park: Sunday 29 October 2006

WHEN? 3:30pm, Sunday 29 October

WHERE? John Knight Park, Townsend Pl, Belconnen (off Aikman Drive)

Weasel Wares shop will be open for business and we will be playing a few games.

Door prize tickets will be $1 each of 3 for $2, and the prizes will be drawn during the picnic.

Hope to see you there!
2 responses          shona
 Wed 18 Oct 06

Any That's Life readers or people who know That's Life readers don't forget to bring your community Cash coupons to the park...Thanks   Thérèse
Fri 27 Oct 06

Apologies to anyone who brought That's Life coupons to meet. Noodles did a disappearing act and so searching for him (although at that stage I was confident he was safe inside) interfered with me and the other 2 ferrets attending.

Noodles (after scaring me that even though I couldn't see how he must have got outside because I had searched and searched inside) eventually appeared 12hr+ later at 330 in the morning. He had managed to open the kitchen drawers, climb inside and close them nearly completely once inside!

Anyhow apologies again to all, will have to find some other way to get coupons as there will not be another meet before they are due in.
Mon 30 Oct 06

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