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(0704) Playday in the Park - Saturday 5 May 2007

2pm, Saturday 5 May 2007

Corroboree Park
Paterson St, Ainslie

There are BBQs available if you would like to bring some lunch.

Weasel Wares shop will be open and we will be having our door prize raffle as usual.
2 responses          shona
 Sun 11 Mar 07

The Brown crew will be there all 5 kids1 ferret 4 kids and 2 ferrents :D i cant wait to meet every one :D oh dose any one know if there is a park there for the human kids?
  Tarin,John and the Kids
Sat 05 May 07

It was nice to meet you Tarin and the 2 kids in tow, one fur and one skin, next time perhaps will get to meet the whole gang.   Thérèse
Sat 05 May 07

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