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(080513) DNA STUDY & playday - Tuesday 13 May 2008

WHEN? 7pm, Tuesday 13 May 2008

WHERE? Gungahlin Community Resource Centre — Function Room

Ernest Cavanagh St, Gungahlin (near the Gungahlin Library)

IF you only come to one meeting a year, make it this one! We are participating in a worldwide ferret DNA study


Bob Church is a zooarcheologist from the USA who is part of a team conducting a worldwide study on ferrets.

##### Bob says:

“There is a lot of debate about environment, epigenetics, genetics, and other aspects of ferret health. The problem is that no one has the time, money, or desire to work on the problem. Not so anymore! I will be working very closely with Dr. Michelle Hawkins (UC Davis) to collect DNA from 1000+ ferrets from all over the world. She will use the DNA to look for disease markers in ferrets, among other things.

This is perhaps one of the most important ferret-related scientific studies that has ever been done, and perhaps will ever be done. It will be the largest DNA study of polecats and ferrets that has EVER been done; none are even close in sampling.

I need your help. Dr. Hawkins needs your help. Our ferrets need your help. My goal is to collect a minimum of 1000 DNA samples during this trip. That means I have to see 1000+ different ferrets.

The DNA technique will not hurt your ferret and does not require blood; it is just plucking a few hairs and scraping their cheeks with a tiny brush. No pain, no harm, just an unbelievable tool for all of us."


Bob will be in Canberra to attend our May meeting, so if you’d like to be part of the study, just bring your ferrets along to donate DNA samples.

We need as many ferrets as possible to make the study a success, so even if you normally don’t come along to meetings, please consider coming to this one! It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Bob has also respectfully requested that if anyone would like to donate deceased ferrets to the study, it would be much appreciated. Here is Bob’s message:

“Also, while it might seem gruesome to some, I wonder if it is possible for you, your club, or other pet ferret owners to save deceased ferrets for my research? They can be frozen until I get there and any number would be greatly appreciated. I know it is hard to ask such a thing, but I need skeletons and genetic material to prove some of my research, and a genetics expert will be looking at the familial associations of ferrets from around the world."

The remains will end up at the Smithsonian Institute in the USA. If you would like to donate a deceased ferret to the study (and please donate only if you are comfortable doing so), please contact Shona on 0428746620.
2 responses          shona
 Wed 23 Apr 08

Hi this max,i really want to give dakini's DNA, can anyone pls give us a lift from Watson? Thx :)   max
Wed 07 May 08

got a lift c u all there:)   max
Mon 12 May 08

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