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(080920) Canberra Pet Expo - September 2008 - CANCELLED

Saturday & Sunday 20 & 21 September 2008

Exhibition Park, Mitchell
4 responses          shona
 Wed 23 Apr 08

Do you want some volunteers for this event???
More than happy to help out perhaps I can build some kind of display???
Wed 30 Jul 08

Wow stuart u r really keen if dont have ferrets yet but your willing to build a display :) max   max
Thu 14 Aug 08

Yeah... just want to do my bit for the society, and if that means I can help them in the big once a year event... its all good :-)
Oh and BTW its nice to know that others are using the forum!!! it was feeling a bit lonely here!!!
Fri 15 Aug 08

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled by the organisers!

Thanks for your offer Stuart - hopefully it will be run again in 2009 and we'd love your help then :)
Wed 27 Aug 08

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