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(041027) Meeting / Playday: Wednesday 27 October 2004

WHEN? 7:30pm, Wednesday 27th October 2004

WHERE? Canberra Senior's Centre
10 Watson St, Turner

We will be having ferret races, so bring your tubes and fastest ferrets! All welcome.
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 Sun 17 Oct 04

Thank you to everyone for attending, and making it a great night.

As Peter (our President) mentioned, we have several new developments underway:

We will be working on developing a constituion, so that we can become an incorporated club. This will involve having formal meetings once a year in order to elect a committee, so if you would love to help out, please consider joining the committee!

We have also begun a Revolution service for members, with ferret-sized doses posted directly to you for $3 each (or contact us for prices on larger quantities if you have many ferrets!) Revolution is applied monthly and protects against fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange (which causes "foot rot"), and heartworm (which is fatal in ferrets).

Everyone had a great time with the tube racing and milk tipping games, altough I'm sure the humans had more fun than the ferrets! Congratulations to all the winning ferrets and their owners.

Photos are coming soon :)

FSOC Committee

Thu 28 Oct 04

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