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Member #102

Names: Thérèse

Ferrets: Woozle; Noodles; Studdidoo; Slubber (lost but hoping for his return); Fudge (deceased)

Notes: For a professional photo of Fudge, see www.animaleyes.com.au in gallery2 - the b/w ferret photo (g2_07)

Photo Gallery: click for close-up

Therese's 2nd boy, Slubber, 21 Oct 02 -

Therese's 1st boy, Fudge, Feb 97 - 05 Dec 02

Thérèse's 3rd & 4th boys, Studdidoo (the light one, 06/04/03 - ) and Noodles (the darker one, 06/05/04 - )

Ferret Society of Canberra

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