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about us

FOR the health and happiness of FERRETS,
FOR the support and enjoyment of OWNERS

The Ferret Society of Canberra (F.S.O.C) is a non profit organisation whose objective is to bring together a group of people who share a common interest and goal in protecting the welfare of all ferrets by combining experiences and sharing information.

The club will endeavor to help unwanted ferrets to find the right homes and will guide new owners on making the right decisions but will neither support nor condemn ferret breeders or dealers.

"Ferret play day" meetings, fund raisers and special events will be held to further the club's objectives, by raising money and public awareness for ferret welfare and also promoting a fun environment and atmosphere for members and the public to enjoy.

We were formed in 2001.

Ferret Society of Canberra

 For more information or to make comments please email mail@ferretclub.org.au