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* We currently are an information service only - advice on ferrets, ferret-proofing, licencing, medical issues is available 24 hours a day.

* We currently do not have enough carers to take in found/surrendered ferrets - if you find a ferret or need to rehome one please take them to the RSPCA ACT.

* For the above reason we also don't currently have any ferrets for adoption - please see RSPCA ACT to adopt a ferret.

We hope this situation may change in the future when we get enough volunteers to run this service effectively.

Phone: 0428 7466 20

Email: mail@ferretclub.org.au or use our online enquiry form

We try to answer every email we recieve so if you have emailed us and not received a reply, please try again or call us. We receive a huge number of spam emails every day so your message may have accidentally been caught by our spam filter!

Ferret Society of Canberra

 For more information or to make comments please email mail@ferretclub.org.au