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food for ferrets

We will soon be setting up an affordable whole prey service for members.

Mice and day old chicks will be available, as well as rabbit & quail meaty bones.

Food is available now, so if you would like to buy before the service is up and running please contact us

Members who reside interstate may also access this service, as bulk orders can be posted to other areas within Australia.

Other ferret foods such as chicken meaty bones (necks, wings, etc), organs, turkey meaty bones, poussin, etc. are best purchased from your supermarket, butcher or meat supplier. These suppliers can offer customers more affordable prices than we can, as they purchase foods in bulk amounts.

The cheapest supplier of quails in the area (that we are aware of) is Priam Meats, 2 Australis Place, Queanbeyan. Phone 0261280800. Email sales@priam.com.au. A tray of 6 whole (skinned/gutted) quails costs approximately $13.

If you would like any further information about ferret foods, please see our "diet and teeth" page, or contact us.

Ferret Society of Canberra

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