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ferret rescue

If you have lost or found a ferret please call our rescue service on 0428 7466 20 - overseas until end of January 2013, no phone contact currently available

Our rescue service is available 24 hours a day.


We take in and rehome surrendered ferrets. If you need to rehome a ferret, please contact us today.

Found a ferret?

We collect and care for found ferrets, while trying to locate his/her owner. If this search is unsuccessful, the ferret is rehomed.

Most bathrooms are fairly ferret-proof and can be used to temporarily house the ferret until we are able to collect him/her. Ensure the toilet seat is kept down, all drawers/cupboards are closed, and drain grates are secured down. Alternatively a cat travel carrier, or similar container; or laundry (check the same items are secure as for a bathroom).

We also take in and rehome surrenders, if you are no longer able to care for your pet ferret/s.

Lost a ferret?

Some tips for recovering your pet. See the resources page for lost flyers & posters.

1. Call our rescue service on 0428 7466 20

We will record your details, and let you know if your ferret is found and reported to us. This service is available to all ferret owners.

2. Large sign on your wheelie bin

Stick a large sign saying "LOST FERRET" to both sides and the front of your wheelie bin, and place your bin at the end of your driveway. If someone has found your ferret, they may see the sign while driving around. It may also help to include a photo or silhouette of a ferret, as many people do not know what a ferret looks like (see resources page for flyers & images)

3. Door knock / flyer drop in your suburb

Print up multiple small flyers with "LOST FERRET", a photo or image of a ferret, and your contact details. While walking, a squeaky toy, or any other sound your ferret is familiar with may bring him/her out of their hiding spot. You could also take another ferret with you, so that your neighbours know what a ferret looks like. Ferrets have been know to travel quite large areas when escaped, so cover as large an area as you can, and don't forget the streets behind your house.

4. Signs at local shops & schools

Large signs saying "LOST FERRET" with a photo or image, and your contact details

5. Vets, pet shops and RSPCA

Leave your contact details in case your ferret is handed into any of the above. Dropping in a flyer may also help, as phone numbers are often lost.

We do cross-check RSPCA records if a ferret is reported lost or found to us.

6. Leave a bed, food & water outside.

A tired, hungry ferret may return to your home, so leave an open travel carrier with some bedding, as well as food and water next to the front and/or back doors.

7. Ensure they are microchipped.

We scan all found ferrets for microchips so making sure your ferret has a chip is a good way to ensure you will have him/her returned. It is usually done under anesthetic (most owners do it at the same time they have the ferret desexed)

8. Local papers

For a small fee, you can place an ad in the lost & found section of the Canberra Times and community papers, saying you have lost a ferret, your suburb, and contact details.

9. Don't give up hope

Suburbia provides plenty of shelter and often access to food and water, so your ferret may avoid danger and survive alone for some time before being found.

Ferret Society of Canberra

 For more information or to make comments please email mail@ferretclub.org.au