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keeping ferrets cool


Ferrets don’t deal with temperatures above the mid 20s well, and need to be kept cool over the warmer months. Remember to check the actual temperature, as an area can feel cool to us, but still be too hot for a ferret. Heatstroke can and does kill ferrets every summer, so please keep your ferrets living area cool to prevent this!

Air conditioning is the easiest way to keep them cool, but access to cool spots in the house (laundry tiles, etc) underground tunnels/sleeping areas, frozen water bottles and draping sleeping areas in damp material can also be effective.

Fans do not cool ferrets, as they cannot effectively sweat or pant (the effect we feel from fans is due to evaporation of sweat).

Some other cooling ideas:

* A paddle pool
* Portable evaporative cooler
* Shower power – pop them in the shower when they get warm and wet them until they are soaked through (some ferrets don’t like water though, so don’t force them)
* Access to tiles – especially effective when the evil little one is wet. They will lie all spread out to absorb to cool of the tiles.
* Esky effect: put your travel carrier (with door open or removed) where they usually sleep with ice packs or frozen water bottles in them. Their “esky” will keep them cool.
* Close the curtains to minimise direct sun exposure
* Put a few ice cubes in their water to keep it cool

* Allowing them to dig tunnels in a ferret-proofed outdoor area can be very effective—they don’t need to get far down before it is cool under the earth!

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