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ferret adoption

We adopt out ferrets who are in need of loving homes. These ferrets have either been found and not claimed by their owner, or have been surrendered to us for rehoming. Adoption fees are $50 in most cases.

How do I adopt?

Step 1. Have a read through our health & care information, especially 'diet' & 'where to keep them' pages as these two things are a major influence on ferret health. If you have owned ferrets in the past you'll probably notice that much of this information has changed over the last couple of years as new information has come to light. If you're a first time ferret owner, be forewarned that ferrets will change your lifestyle & household and can put a serious dent in your savings if they get ill or have an accident (not uncommon as they are very mischievious!)

If you've decided that you still want to adopt (ferret lovers will tell you they really are worth it), read on to Step 2!

Step 2. Fill in the Ferret Society online membership form

Step 3. If you live in the ACT, apply for your ferret licence. This is a legal requirement from the ACT government before you get a ferret from anywhere. If you live outside the ACT, skip this step.

Step 4. come along to one of our weekly information nights held each Monday evening. Call our Rescue Coordinator on 0428746620 to get this week's venue & time.

This step is not compulsory, but is encouraged - especially if you haven't had ferrets before, or if you have young children (so that we can see what sort of ferret would best suit your family). If you have owned ferrets before, much of their care information has changed over the last couple of years, so come along to learn the latest.

The information nights are held at one of our member's homes so you can meet some ferrets, ask any questions you might have and get some ideas on ferret living spaces & how to ferret-proof.

Step 5. Call our Rescue Coordinator on 0428746620 to organise a ferret-proofing home visit - this is a quick check we do just to make sure the ferret/s will be safe in your home, similar to a fencing check that is done by most dog adoption centres. Even if you already have ferrets, this step is compulsory.

You can also let the member who comes out to visit you know what your adoption preferences are - for example if you are interested in a single ferret or pair, male/female, and any colour or age preferences. If you're not sure what you're looking for, have a read of our questions about adoption page.

Your adoption preferences are then added to our "Wanting to Adopt" list.

If you would like to pay cash for your membership fee, this can be given to the member who comes out to visit you.

Step 6. Meet the ferrets who are up for adoption. We match up your preferences with ferrets currently looking for homes.

Depending on how busy our rescue service has been, we may have a suitable ferret(s) available immediately, or there may be no ferrets currently needing homes in which case there would be a short wait (especially if you are looking for a certain colour/sex).

Ferret Society of Canberra

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