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Members can now purchase ferret-sized doses of Revolution to protect their ferrets from fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange (which causes "foot rot"), and heartworm (which is nearly always fatal in ferrets, but EXTREMELY rare in Australia).

Doses are 0.2mL for jills, and 0.25mL for hobs.

Doses are $3.50 each (including postage directly to your home), and are easily applied to the back on the neck, once a month.

Contact Shona on 0428 7466 20 or mail@ferretclub.org.au to place your order, or if you have any queries about the product.

You must be a current member to order. Payment can be made by:

  • cheque/money order - just send to our postal address with a note saying how many doses (male/female) you would like

  • direct bank deposit - contact us to order, and deposit the money directly into our bank account

    BSB: 633 000 (Bendigo Bank)
    A/C # 121 00 33 62
    A/C Name: Ferret Society of Canberra

    For more information about Revolution, see www.revolutionpet.com.au

    Additional information:

    We use the 120mg/mL concentration. The manufacturers do not know how long the product is viable once opened - most of our members order 1-3 months worth at a time.

    Ferret Society of Canberra

     For more information or to make comments please email mail@ferretclub.org.au